Location Based Services

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Facility-Wide Navigation

Seamlessly guide your app users from outdoors to indoors powered by dynamic points of interest (POIs), customizable map elements and Landmark Based Routing with intuitive, natural language. The latest Google and Apple map technologies and design patterns are used to provide a familiar experience with both wayfinding or real-time blue dot positioning.


Real-Time “Blue Dot” Indoor Positioning

Add Phunware’s Blue Dot SDK to your app for rich maps with real-time indoor positioning. The iOS- and Android-compatible solutions pinpoint a device’s location to real-world latitude, longitude and floor level. Thanks to advanced caching, the Phunware in-app navigation experience continues uninterrupted if users lose Wi-Fi connectivity.

Location Sharing

The location sharing feature allows users to share and view each other’s locations in real time. Location sharing can help connect users and drive outcomes for multiple industries and types of businesses.

Real-Time Location Services

Use location awareness to track employees, equipment and assets. Improve internal workflows and increase operational efficiency by triggering user workflows based on proximity alerts. Gather valuable data on traffic patterns to optimize traffic flow and more.

Web Wayfinding and Digital Signage

Access the same mobile maps and turn-by-turn directions on a desktop browser. Help visitors find their way around your facility from home or when they arrive and allow them to print and share navigation instructions.

Integrate with digital signage products such as the Scala S player to display a touch-friendly interface for navigation instructions.


Phunware Location Experience Kit

The kit includes everything you need to set up a real-time blue dot experience in a trial area. Upon successful setup completion, you will be able to view your location (blue dot) on the map, navigate between all points of interest configured, share your location with another user, and access your map and static routing directions on the web.

Pushing the Limits of Location Tech



Developers can leverage a GPS signal to enable outdoor-to-indoor navigation. For example: walking from a parking lot to a facility where Wi-Fi or beacons might not be present.


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons

Phunware’s indoor location solution provides 3-10 foot accuracy and updates a user’s position more than once per second. We work with facilities throughout the implementation process, including beacon provisioning, site survey, installation and calibration.



Phunware is integrated with Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) solution and our customers can leverage Cisco infrastructure to provide indoor positioning.



Take advantage of Mist Intelligent Wireless Cloud (IWC) and deploy Phunware wayfinding resources integrated with virtual Bluetooth beacons (vBLE).


Atrius by Acuity Brands

Atrius’ BLE-enabled LED lighting solutions uses Visible Light Communication (VLC) to support location accuracy within a few centimeters, while providing energy efficient lighting to reduce electricity costs by up to 75%.



Enlighted’s lighting-based IoT Platform utilizes an advanced sensor placed in light fixtures that captures data about what is happening in the building, improving employee and asset productivity and providing BLE-based indoor location services.

Beacon Maintenance Solution

Our beacon maintenance solution helps customers manage the hardware (beacon) required for indoor positioning. Information on when the beacon was last heard by our software can help you identify beacons that require new batteries or a replacement.

Location Based Services Overview!

Mapping, Navigation and Wayfinding Use Cases



Drive traffic to specific departments and shelves by presenting easy navigation to seasonal or featured products. Integrate with your inventory management system and direct in-store shoppers to desired products.



Minimize revenue loss due to missed appointments by guiding patients from home to their doctor’s office within the hospital. Reduce signage and operational costs with cloud-based real-time mapping updates.



Drive passenger satisfaction by providing turn-by-turn directions to boarding gates and airport concessions. Reduce passenger stress by reminding them how to get to their parked vehicles.


Live Event Venues

Enhance the fan experience with in-stadium wayfinding and contextual communications. Reward season ticket holders with deals on concessions or merchandise.

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