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Austin, TX [November 18, 2013] – Mobile cloud provider Phunware has been instrumental in helping launch Susan Miller’s new Susan Miller AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope FREE application. Susan Miller is an internationally known accredited astrologer, columnist, and founder of the website To power her mobile applications, Miller turned to Phunware’s Mobile as a Service (MaaS) platform, designed to let brands engage, manage and monetize users, in order to provide her followers with a robust and engaging mobile experience.

Since the debut of Susan Miller’s mobile presence on iOS devices, she has maintained the top position in the ‘top grossing’ Lifestyle Applications. She also consistently ranks high in the Google Play store.

Designed and developed by Phunware, the application provides consumers with their daily horoscope, text message alerts and various other tools to help in every aspect of a person’s life. The free version includes the AstrologyZone Daily Horoscope, access to columns from and Susan Miller’s @astrologyzone Twitter feed.

For consumers interested in more in-depth information, the in-application subscription option to the Susan Miller AstrologyZone Daily PLUS application provides access to premium content. Features in this version include a more detailed daily forecast, important dates to watch in coming weeks and tools to learn about astrology. In addition, the personality section, which aligns a person’s sign to specific aspects in his or her life, includes vacation tips, stress tips, an AstroCar Style guide and advice on fitness routines that align with a specific sign.

“As the population shifted to a more mobile lifestyle, there was a need to engage with my followers on the new devices and platforms being used. My fans are mobile, social and interactive – I needed to be the same. This meant I needed a mobile partner that was knowledge and reliable,” said Miller. “Phunware was the ideal partner, as the company’s platform and expertise was exactly what I needed to spearhead my mobile presence.”

The AstrologyZone application leverages several of Phunware’s 12 modules, which provide any brand with everything it needs to succeed on mobile. These modules include Analytics, CMS (content management system) and Push Notifications.

“For our customers, a mobile presence is a crucial way to engage with consumers and monetize their intellectual property. In Susan Miller’s case, her astrology insights are her most prized component and she needed a way to share this information while ensuring her fans receive the best user experience,” said Alan Knitowski, President & CEO of Phunware. “The Phunware platform ensures the experience her fans have with her application keep them coming back on a daily basis. The reoccurring engagement and daily use of the app is the best proofpoint as why the application saw a huge spike in gross revenue on our platform.”

Phunware’s MaaS platform empowers brands to easily deploy integrated, application-specific components, including advertising, content management, alerts and notifications, location-based services, loyalty and rewards and business intelligence. For more information, visit

Supporting information:

  • The new application replaces the old Astrology Zone Premier application.
  • Users seeking to download the application can search by ‘AstrologyZone’ in the iTunes store.
  • The annual subscription for the Susan Miller AstrologyZone Daily PLUS application is $50.

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Phunware is the global pioneer of Mobile as a Service (MaaS) — the only fully integrated services platform that enables brands to engage, manage and monetize users on mobile. Phunware has introduced category-defining experiences that have challenged the outer limits of the most advanced mobile devices for the world’s most respected brands. Phunware is headquartered in Austin, TX, with offices in Santa Ana, CA, Irvine, CA, San Diego, CA and Rockville, MD.

For more information, visit Phunware at or follow us on Twitter at @Phunware.

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