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Since 2009, Phunware has been helping Fortune 5000 brands engage, manage and monetize their mobile audiences.

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Mobile App<br/>Lifecycle

Mobile App

Phunware gives companies the tools they need to engage, manage and monetize their mobile presence with solutions that touch all phases of the mobile application lifecycle.



Define mobile feature sets, use cases, operating systems, goals, KPIs, etc.



License a pre-built, brandable application or SDKs and modules from Phunware’s platform—or opt for a fully custom approach.



Find and convert app users with a focus on lifetime value—not just installs.

Engage + Monetize

Engage + Monetize

Create brand awareness, engage mobile users and monetize app real estate.

The world’s leading brands choose Phunware

Phunware provides applications, media and data to help the Fortune 5000 reunify their strategy and make smarter decisions.


Leadership Team

Phunware Investors


The Phunware Story


In early 2009, every large enterprise business was starting a digital transformation. Computing was transitioning to the cloud, application consumption was transitioning to mobile and software and data were transitioning to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) models.

On February 23, Alan Knitowski, Luan Dang and Alan Kane founded Phunware to focus on one of the largest and most strategic opportunities in information technology: the opportunity to provide enterprises a software platform that could help engage, manage and monetize customer experience journeys over mobile, directly impacting and improving brand interactions, business results and revenue.

The dramatic shift to mobile made Phunware’s founders consider: What would happen if we could use our software platform within the application portfolios of the world’s largest companies and brands to create a massive database of proprietary Phunware IDs for every device touching networks globally to then reach everyone, everywhere, indoors and outdoors, in real time, on a 1:1 basis?

By relentlessly addressing the needs of Fortune 5000 customers to create and manage category-defining mobile experiences for their application users, we have successfully expanded Phunware offerings to provide everything brands need to create “sticky” experiences throughout the mobile application lifecycle: from application strategy and creation, to application discovery and user acquisition, to data-science-based application user engagement and monetization.


Brands powered by Phunware

Multiscreen as a Service

Fully integrated services platform that enables brands to engage, manage and monetize users on mobile.

Native Brand Placements

Place your brand directly into premium publishers and games.

Mobile Television and Entertainment

Enable users to watch or interact with their favorite teams, television shows, or live events.

Mobile Gaming and Engagement

Drive user engagement through interactive mobile experiences.

Daily Deals and Coupons

Offer users a daily selection of deals and coupons for activities, goods, services and travel based on their city.

Hip Hop OfficialTM
Fresh News and Interviews

Your source for the latest album reviews, music videos and more from the world of hip-hop, powered by GOTVTM.

Mobile Consulting and Analytics

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