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What does your smartphone’s home screen look like? Is it cluttered with apps (and folders filled with more apps)? Or is it a tidy array of a handful of apps you use every day? Most of us desire the latter, but end up with something more like the former.

The proliferation of home automation devices is in part responsible for this app explosion. Consumers can now download apps for monitoring and controlling practically everything in their homes, including security cameras, doorbells, thermostats, pet feeders, lights, robotic vacuums and more. Amazon’s Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices have apps, as do their counterparts made by Google and Apple. That “Home” folder can get pretty crowded.

Importantly, consumers aren’t just stocking up on smart home devices for their own personal use—they want their places of residence to offer built-in smart capabilities as well, even if they have to pay a little more for them. So how can residential property developers and managers meet residents’ expectations for a convenient, connected community—without cluttering their home screens?

Many multi-unit residential communities offer an app for paying rent, making maintenance requests and managing package deliveries. An easy place for them to exceed residents’ expectations without upping their app count is by integrating smart locks into these resident mobile apps.

Business Benefits of a Keyless Door Lock and Secure Mobile Door Access

Resident Satisfaction

Integrating secure keyless door lock and entry into a resident app makes the living experience more convenient—and consumers increasingly make home purchase and rental decisions based on convenience. A staggering 86% of Millennials say they’d be willing to pay about 20% more for a smart apartment that includes automated or remotely controlled devices like smart locks. Meanwhile, 61% of Generation Y say they’re likely to rent an apartment specifically because of its electronic-access features, including keyless entry doors. And 55% of Generation Y are likely to pay more for an apartment that has “high-tech” door locks.

In an era of explosive multi-unit residential development, brands are looking for any competitive advantage they can get. Paying attention to (and accommodating) consumers’ mobile preferences can make a big difference and set your brand apart in this critical time.

Download our eBook to learn more about how a branded mobile app can help differentiate your property and keep your residents satisfied.


Property Management Security and Efficiency

Staying competitive isn’t only about making residents happy, however. It’s about making property operations as efficient as possible—and fortunately, smart locks can assist in the efficiency department as well. Managing keys and locks used to consume a significant amount of property managers’ time (and still does at many properties), but smart door locks and access systems are changing all that.

With a smart lock system in place, no more time is wasted on finding lost keys or helping residents locked out of their homes. Confusion about who has key copies is eliminated, as are security concerns about access and permissions. Risk is reduced as well, as there’s no longer a need to leave keys under doormats for housekeepers, pet sitters, maintenance workers or guests. Property managers can even free up resources once devoted to changing locks between tenants. Who knew a small change like smart lock access could have so many operational impacts?

Consolidate Functions for a Smoother Experience

More than a superficial add-on, smart lock integrations can be big business for multi-unit properties. They are enticing to residents and helpful to property managers and staff. That’s why Phunware has partnered with electronic access control leader SALTO Systems to make integrations with their smart locks available in our brandable, pre-built residential property apps. SALTO’s wireless access control system combines a locking device with online, real-time capabilities that eliminate the need for wires or mechanical keys. While residents can gain entry and control access to their doors right from their Phunware-powered property apps, property staff can create and manage keys from the web-based staff portal. The result is a smooth and frustration-free daily experience for both staff and residents—not to mention competitive differentiation and an operational efficiency boost.

Download our case study to see how Phunware’s residential mobile solution is working for Jade Ocean in Miami to improve staff efficiency and satisfy resident needs.


Contact a Phunware residential expert to learn more about providing keyless door lock access capabilities for your property.


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